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Hello everyone! I hope I did not lose all my blog subscribers. It is more than 3 years last time I posted anything on my blog. A lot has changed since then.

Let’s start from the end. I have updated my website, built a new theme (I hope you will like it), moved from outdated Jekyll to Hugo. I moved it from s3, CloudFront to AWS Amplify (such an easy service to use for hosting static websites). I really hope that look at my new website will make me write a little more.

A month ago, after I got my new Macbook Pro M1 (Apple Silicon), I have decided to learn a little about macOS, iOS, Swift development. So I have built a few applications (available at loshadki.app). I love my new laptop, great battery life (imagine developing for 6-9 hours without the need to be plugged in), and without hearing any fan noises. I believe the difference between Macbook Pro and Macbook Air, is that the first one should have fans, but not sure if mine is broken, or it just never gets hot, I don’t believe I have ever heard them.

Ok, now the fun part. The last time I worked for a big company was also close to 3 years. Since then, I have been working for my own company, Outcold Solutions that sells enterprise software solutions. I have built my own log and metrics forwarded, specifically built for container environments, and on top of that, built a few Monitoring Applications for Splunk.

Running your own business is a fun process and also very challenging. You are going through the process of anxiety for the first 2 years, being afraid that the company will die soon, that you are not going to get new customers, that competition companies are going to eat you alive. We survived for the last 3 years and doing great. We are doing the best to keep the company alive and our customers happy.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update. I hope somebody is still reading this. Feel free to email me with any questions to denis@gladkikh.email, any suggestions what you want to hear.

I hope to tell you a little more about the company soon, give you some updates on the side-projects I have been working on.

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