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Month ago I started to work in Splunk. I joined small team in Seattle, which is working on Developer Frameworks for Splunk. If you've never seen Splunk before I highly recommend you to do this right now. Just try to install it Splunk, download one of the most powerful applications: Splunk App for Microsoft Windows or Splunk App for Unix and Linux and just take a look what Splunk can do for you. Installation process is very simple, bu if you need Manual go here Installation Manual. If you are Minecraft fun (I don't understand this game, and don't understand why people say that this is a game) check Minecraft application for Splunk.

I highly suggest you to try all these, I promise that you will like it. I know that you will like it, because I was so impressed by this product first time I've seen it, and today I'm impressed more, because last month I spent on learning a lot of things around Splunk and I learned how to build applications for Splunk. It is so easy, check my blog post on Splunk Blogs My experience of building Splunk application. And let me know what you think.

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My expertise: MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Splunk, and other databases. Docker, Kubernetes. Logging, Metrics. Performance, memory leaks.

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