From my reading list: October 2015

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  • lnav. “An advanced log file viewer for the small-scale”. It is a great replacement for tail -f, less and anything else you use for analyzing logs. Very fast, very intuitive, well integrated with terminal.
  • ranger. “ranger is a console file manager with VI key bindings.” Great tool, but to be honest I do not use it very often, but still keep it installed.
  • C++ Core Guidelines. I have not read it, but kept it in my archive. Good article you may want to give interns or CPP beginners. Feels like a combination of Code Complete and Scott Meyers Books.
  • Introduction to parallel & distributed algorithms. Again, going to my archive. Don’t think that there are anything new, but for some reason it appeared in my list, maybe somebody suggested it. Will keep it in archive, maybe one day will use it to refresh the knowledge.
  • Linux Inside by 0xAX. If you want to get some advanced knowledge about Linux knowledge - this is a guide. This book requires a lot of time to understand it. I have not read the whole book, just few parts.
  • DuckDuckHuck / How Can I Contribute?. If you have not tried it, just take a look one more time on DuckDuckGo. Great search engine. You can turn it on by default in Safari (iOS and OS X). As you can see this Search Engine also allows you to contribute, add your own cheatsheets, like this one. And the most important it allows you to use bang commands, like !w for Wikipedia or !a for Amazon, and even !g for Google. I have been using it for the last month and so far it replaces Google very well.
  • Rick and Morty. If you need to have something to kill the time, this is a great TV Show. I saw that somebody mentioned Second season of it, so I watched the Pilot and hooked up. Not for kids. Kind of IT/Science related.

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