From my reading list: September 2015

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  • miller. Great open source tool to work with CSV files. “Miller is like sed, awk, cut, join, and sort for name-indexed data such as CSV.”
  • jq. The same purpose tool as miller, but for JSON. “jq is like sed for JSON data”. Even if you will never use it for manipulating your JSON objects just start using it for JSON output highlighting and as JSON formatter with pbcopy | jq . | pbpaste.
  • icdiff. Just a good addition for the diffing tools. Allows you to see changes side-by-side in your terminal. When you install it with homebrew it also install a script which allows you to run git icdiff.
  • OS-X-Yosemite-Security-and-Privacy-Guide. Great list of things how to make OS X Yosemite more secure and protect your privacy. I have changes 0 things after I read this list, but I learned some. I also saw similar for Linux, mostly about security only, but it wasn’t really interesting for me.
  • How does a relational database work. I can not even imagine how much time it took Christophe to write this article. Well explained. I believe that experts and beginners can find something in this article. Also one more resource with good readins is Readings in Databases
  • Go GC: Prioritizing low latency and simplicity. Garbage collector in golang 1.5 has been improved, which means that golang now has only one issue, which still bothers me - go dependencies (they are working on it, there are already some experimental implementations around vendoring).
  • docker-cheat-sheet. Nice list of how to get started about docker. And if you want to learn more this is an awesome-docker list.
  • selfspy. I am not using it, but still think that it is interesting idea. Spy on yourself, so you will be able to restore files, which you forgot to save or see how much time you spent in IDE and how much time in the browser.
  • gdb-dashboard. Nice interface for gdb. It is built using only native Python API. Nice to have for linux.
  • A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning. Just hope that they are not going to stop on first article. Really good explanation, very nice animation, but very basics.
  • Raft Consensus Algorithm. Previous animation reminded me about another animation I saw few months ago about Raft algorithm. Link if you have not seen it.
  • Fluent Python. Great book if you need to learn Python. It maybe not suitable for beginners, but very good for people who developers in other languages and maybe had some experience with Python before. A lot of links on external resources, so it is easy to learn more about some topics.
  • High Performance Python. Mixed filling about this book. It is well written, but not what I expected. Most of the perf tips I got from Fluent Python, so it felt like that reading this book after Fluent Python was a waste of time. So nothing wrong with this book, just does not seem like a good addition to Fluent Python.
  • Launching nginScript and Looking Ahead. Questionable but nice addition to NGINX. You can now script NGINX with JavaScript. They use their own custom VM for that.

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