From my reading list - April 2016

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This month I have spent a lot of time playing with Visual Studio Code. Not only using it as a main editor, but also contributing to the code base.

Really good start. Liked the way they integrated debugger inside editor without bringing whole IDE experience. Really nice and clean code base. Mostly written in TypeScript.

There are few things I did not like about the project:

  • The way they maintain the project. Master is almost always broken (3 out of 3 times I pulled it). Main contributors do not create pull requests, direct commits to the master. They call it aggressive development process. Anyway, whatever works for them.
  • If you will compare VSCode to Sublime Text or Vim - you will feel how slow VSCode is. Ctrl+P (fuzzy search by file names) is really slow in VSCode, like 300ms slower. It made me laugh. This issue was one of the reasons, why I could not continue to use Visual Studio Code. And I am on 90% sure that this is the reason why people say that Visual Studio Code is slow, just because they “give the user a chance to finish his typing”. Anyway I hope they will fix it. I believe there are also a lot of other ways they slow down the experience with not the smart decisions, like I am on 90% sure that every time when you open new VSCode instance it creates new Electron process which connects to existing one and opens the window using existing one. My bet they can speed up experience without opening new Electron process for that.
  • Slow PR acceptance process. I already have 3 PR, only one of them was approved, two other wait for some people come back from vacation.
  • You feel the JavaScript. I guess if you are ok with IDEA or VS - you will be fine, but if you have been used editors like Vim or Sublime Text before - you will feel that VSCode is slow, and sometimes freezes just for few moments while you are typing.

Anyway I personally feel it will be one of the best editors soon. I will definitely take a look on v2 when and if it will come out. Especially if they will fix some of the performance issues.