From my reading list - February 2016

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  • PlatformIO is an open source ecosystem for IoT development. I still playing with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. A lot of fun stuff you can do with them. If you want to develop Arduino projects you should check this link. It is a missed package management for Arduino, plus a way to develop Arduino projects in Vim. You can also install PlatformIO on Raspberry Pi and develop Arduino projects on it. I checked - it works. I have not tried this one, but you can also use Standard C++ with Arduino.
  • How to unlock a Mac that’s been locked with Apple Remote Desktop’s “curtain” screen lock. I do not use it very often, but sometimes I do use VNC for connecting to remote Mac machine. It happened to me more than once, that after your VNC session will die you will find black screen on your Mac’s display. In one of the answers you will find sunshine-ard utility which can unblock your Mac, if you will be able to SSH onto it.
  • Designing Data-Intensive Applications. On the half way of this book. Everything you want to know about NoSQL, Big Data, Scalability, CAP Theorem, Eventual Consistency, Sharding. And if something is not covered in this book - it has a lot of links for additional material.
  • GNU Make Book. Reading this one as well to get to know make a little better.