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Or better topic “How to watch HD Channels with Comcsat with your own tuner”.

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but sometimes I do: sport or TV shows . You know that it is almost impossible to watch sports online in USA, and even if you will find a way - it will be unpleasant: quality will not be great. The same about TV Shows, even if you have Comcast subscription to some channels they still keep showing you a lot of advertisements. I see a benefit of having Comcast TV (or any other TV provider you have in your area) as it gives you ability to enjoy HD TV to watch Sport. Also with Comcast you can use DVR (recording) to watch TV Shows later with skipping advertisement.

But still my main problem with Comcast - it is not cheap. Especially for me, as I said I do not watch a lot of TV and for few hours in a week - it does not feel right to pay what Comcast asks. First of all it is not cheap, because Comcast requires you to upgrade your TV Tunner to HD version if you want HD quality. This costs additional $10-15 per month (for each TV). And even then you will not be able to watch shows and sports on your laptop or desktop (not all of them).

I have never had HD TV Tunner from Comcast, only the one they give for “free”, which doesn’t support HD and does not have a DVR.

I wanted to have HD, but before upgrading to HD TV Tuner from Comcast I decided to spend some time to find if there are any other options to get HD TV and DVR. And I actually found nice and easy solution. You can order CableCARD from Comcast, see CableCARD: Know Your Rights and About CableCARDs. Just return your current Tuner to Comcast office and ask for the CableCARD instead. Don’t order CableCARD without returning your TV Tuner as they will charge you for two devices.

Before you will do that let me actually at first summarize why you may want to do that (or not).

Advantages of having CableCARD

Disadvantages of having CableCARD

Anyway - it is your decision. If you will decide to get CableCARD - feel free to continue reading to learn about my experience.

HDHomeRun PRIME Installation on Mac OSX

I bought HDHomeRun PRIME. Below are instructions how to set it up.

At this point you should be able to Watch HD TV from OS X or PC using HDHomeRun Viewer.

How to watch TV

I tried several things

How to record (DVR)

I tried few applications, obviously not all on the market.

I ended up with HDHomeRun DVR, with just a hope that they are going to finish it soon.

HDHomeRun DVR Setup

This software does not have a lot of documentation, so it is hard to understand how it actually works.


DVR Configuration on OSX

If you have installed DVR on OSX there are few things I have learned about it:

sudo launchctl stop com.silicondust.dvr
sudo launchctl start com.silicondust.dvr

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