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Windows vs Ubuntu vs Mac OS X

Windows, PowerShell, bash, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, apt-get, Chocolatey, Homebrew, and MacPorts

If you are looking for an article with detailed comparison of these three operating systems you are in wrong place. I don't have that. I just want to share with you some experience I had with all three of them. This will be a list of things which I like and don’t like about them. Please feel free to add yours or let me know if I’m wrong somewhere and don’t know how to fix some things.


Windows Logo I was a Windows guy for a long time and I used Microsoft technologies everywhere, mostly because I liked it and it was very easy to learn how to use them. I had a MVP award for two years before my work at Microsoft (you cannot have both, so after I joined Microsoft I lost my MVP award). And yeah I had a blue badge week ago (this is how people name full-time Microsoft employees in Seattle area). But I left Microsoft (short answer I just wanted to find something new, long answer probably will be in one of the next posts). With this I want to say that I had a chance to learn a lot about Microsoft / Windows ecosystem.

Things I like about Windows are…

Things I don’t like about Windows are…


Ubuntu Logo First time I met Linux at University. One of my friends showed it to me, I thought it was very cool. I had no idea what to should I do in Linux environment, so once I day I just booted into Linux to learn how hard to do some things which very easy to do with Windows. So most of the time I used Windows, because it was easy, because of the games, and because of all applications I needed for work and study.

After I joined Microsoft I started to use command line on regular basis. I found that for some operations it was much easier to use command line instead of graphic interface. Also I started to write batch scripts to automate some tasks. After this I found that batch scripting is very limited, so I decided to start using PowerShell, which works very well. But at the same time I remembered about bash and Linux, how easy and intuitive it was to work on Linux in bash. So I decided to install it at home on Virtual Machine and start to learn more about Linux again…

Things I like about Ubuntu are…

Things I don’t like about Ubuntu are…

Mac OS X

Mac OS X Logo I’m not really a Mac user. I had only one week experience with it. So no prehistory.

Things I like about Mac OS X are…

Things I don’t like about Mac OS X are…

At the end

I’m right now in transition state. I’m choosing my next environment for development. I know that I still need and want to develop software for Windows. I know that I really like bash. I know that I really like to use multiple workspaces. I know that I want to have good hardware. So, Apple hardware with Mac OS X on it and keep Windows in virtual environment.

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