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Couple days ago I received Lenovo Yoga 11S, this laptop is not for me, but while I have it on my hands, just want to share some thoughts about it.

I have the cheapest configuration with Core i3 59370508, this is Windows 8 scores:


  • Very nice screen for this price. IPS matrix, which is good for this price. Resolution is ok 1366x768 for 11.6" (~135 PPI). Multitouch is very good, it just feels good. I can compare this touch screen with Surface and ASUS Zenbook, I have no idea why, but I like multitouch on Yoga more than on other devices.
  • Yoga can be easy converted into tablet. In additional, it has two positions: Stand and Tent, which you can use when you watch movies or when read receipt while cooking. It gives you real option to feel Windows 8, which I don't have with my ASUS Zenbook. My Zenbook has touchscreen, but I just don't see how and when I should use it.
  • Quality is good. In comparing with any other laptops with the same price – this is the best one.


  • This is Lenovo, so as usual, you will get 10 preinstalled Desktop application, which you don't need (ok I don't need them). Moreover, because this is Windows 8, you will get 10 additional preinstalled Windows Store applications.
  • I had Thinkpads before, and all of them had the same problem: cooling. It is impossible to seat with these laptops on your knees for couple of hours. Coolers blow warm air (it is pretty warm) right on your knees. In additional, if you will convert it to tablet it will start to blow it right in your hand or your body, depends on how you will use it.
  • This is 3-rd generation of Core i3 processor. Not a Haswell. Battery life is standard for this kind of Ultrabooks, I guess about 4-5 hours. After 2 hours of heavy use, like uninstalling apps from laptop, installing apps, browsing internet I had about 60% of battery left.

We tried to find solid laptop in price range $600-800, and I think that this is the best option for now. As I said it has IPS matrix (and I did not consider laptops / tablets without good screen), it has solid processor (not arm or atom), which allows you to use Windows 8, Office and any Desktop applications. I definitely recommend it as a laptop for people whom mostly watch movies / browse internet / Skype on their laptops.

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