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Don’t hurry to switch to new MSDN Azure offer

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The most important thing which I learned after I moved to USA – always read License Agreements ;) New MSDN Azure subscription offer is awesome for you if you are developing a lot on Azure and you subscribed to a lot of Azure services. In this case you cannot use your MSDN benefits to cover all your needs, so you can use them only to cover some of your dev/test needs.

But in case like I have this offer does not work so well. I use Azure mostly for trying things and host my small projects (one of which this website). All my small projects are shared web sites, you can take a look on the estimated prices for shared web site on this page Web Sites (Preview). It is about $10 per month if you are using 744 hours per month. From last month usage details I found that I use about 150-200 hours/month and about 2-3Gb of Data Transferring (first 5Gb are free), so it will cost me about $3. You can get access to this statistics on your subscriptions page (click on your active subscription and use "Download usage details" link on sidebar).

But can I use new benefits to cover this $3? No. Check MSDN benefits page (FAQ part):

Could I use MSDN benefits for production before? Yes:

So, choice is yours. I chose to stay with old offer for next year (until 1st August). You can do the same on page with your subscriptions.

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