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Denis Gladkikh

On this web site I publish my personal thoughts and ideas. I am not speaking for any company in my blog posts.

From 2005 participated in various projects, including solutions for analytic, enterprise applications, CAD-software, tools for developers, mobile applications and big-data solutions. Contributed in several open source projects. Have experience in building distributed systems, back-end, front-end and mobile applications. Know how to build scalable systems and design any kind of applications from the ground. I have system programming experience in Windows, Linux, OS X and Solaris. I am a geek, like to build software, like to learn, like to solve hard and interesting problems. Share my experience on meetups, blogs posts and conference talks. I am experienced individual contributor with strong Technical Lead skills.


Work Experience

12/2017 - Present. Outcold Solutions

03/2017 - 04/2018. Stripe

10/2013 - 03/2017. Splunk, Inc. Principal SDE.

c, c++, python, golang, javascript, docker, mongodb

You can follow my blog posts on blogs.splunk.com and also see my commits on GitHub/Splunk.

06/2011 - 10/2013. Microsoft. Senior SDE.

c#, c++, javascript.

03/2010 - 06/2011. Mobile Systems International Ltd. Senior SDE.

asp.net, c#, ms-sql, silverlight

12/2007 - 02/2010. FogSoft LLC. SDE.

asp.net, c#, ms-sql, wpf, winforms, javascript, sharepoint, wcf

09/2008 - 06/2011. Yaroslavl State University. Teaching Assistant.

01/2005 - 11/2007. IT-Co. SDE.

c++, mfc, asp.net, c#, ms-sql

Personal projects

I have a several pet projects, some of them useful, some of them not, you can find some of my work on GitHub and CodePlex. There are just few projects, which I believe gained the most popularity

2013-2015. outcoldplayer

c#, windows8, winrt, sqlite

Unofficial Google Music player for Windows 8. Application has been listed on the first place of top paid applications for several days. Version 3.0 got very high ratings. More than 1000 everyday users. Closed it for several reasons, one of them was the problems with supporting not documented API.

2013-2014. Dewey

javascript, chrome apps, angularjs

Open source Google Chrome application for managing bookmarks. I’ve built first version of Dewey application (former Chrome Bookmarks) on one of the hackathons in Seattle (second place). After that Jamie Wilson offered me a help for building next version, which we renamed into Dewey. Application has more than 1500 everyday users. I always considered it just as fun project so never tried to spend a lot of time on it.

You can download Dewey from http://deweyapp.io/ and take a look on source code under GitHub/Dewey.


Honors & Awards & Memberships

Have feedback or questions? Looking for consultation?

My expertise: MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Splunk, and other databases. Docker, Kubernetes. Logging, Metrics. Performance, memory leaks.

Send me an email to public@denis.gladkikh.email.

The content on this site represents my own personal opinions and thoughts at the time of posting.

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