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  • 31 Jan 2016
  • appletv, c, datasets, arduino, raspberry pi

How to get start with Raspberry Pi / Arduino

This month I spent a lot of time playing with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. So there are some links and answered answered.

Raspberry Pi

I purchased my Raspberry Pi 2 Model B from Amazon, a lot of additional stuff from GearBest and Adafruit.

  • Do you need to buy a screen with Raspberry Pi? Not really. If you don’t need it. To get started you can use SSH and VNC. SSH Server is enabled by default in Raspbian (default operation system for Raspberry Pi). Using SSH you can install VNC server. Default username / password are pi and raspberry.
  • Don’t be lazy, read documentation. Especially remember that you need to run sudo raspi-config to get it configured and use whole SD card.
  • You probably don’t want to use slow SD cards, check SD card performance table.
  • You will see a lot of manuals where PiStore is mentioned. It is not available anymore.
  • There are a lot of platforms available on Raspberry Pi, like node, python, python3, java, ruby. Also you can find how to install Docker and Mono.
  • To get some ideas read MagPi magazine, you can download all issues from official site, like (change 42 to the latest issue)
curl\[01-42\].pdf -O --retry 999
--retry-max-time 0 -C -
curl -L  -O --retry
999 --retry-max-time 0 -C -


Because Arduino has open-sources their hardware - you can purchase exactly the same hardware but cheaper. For example I purchased SunFounder set.

  • Official site.
  • Fritzing. Software for document your prototypes.
  • Programming Arduino Book. Nothing special in this book, just came to my attention, got it from somewhere on discount. Just good introduction. If you know C and can read official Arduino documentation - you do not need this book.