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Windows Keys Extender – tool for XP/Vista users to using hotkeys Win+[Left|Right|Up|Down]

.NET, C#, Windows 7, and KeysExtender

In Windows 7, I really liked an opportunity to change the position of the windows by pressing hotkeys Win + (Left | Right | Up | Bottom):

I’m talking about this:

Keys Extender

This is really useful hotkeys and really comfortable work with windows. But not all can use Windows 7 right now. When Windows7 was in beta and RC states I really wanted to use this features right now in current Windows version (I had Vista). So I spent my time and wrote this tool.

In addition, the tool has functional which can change position of windows (It is useful for laptops, you can move windows with hotkeys). And of course this tool can move windows between monitors. Hot keys can be customized. Interface in English. Now I don’t want to add new functionality, because now I’m using Windows 7 with all functions that this tool have.

I wrote this tool on C# with .NET 3.5. You can use this source code for knowing how to work with hotkeys with C#.

At first I placed source code on Google Code and then placed it on CodePlex too. So you can download it from one of them. I would be glad if someone will use it. :)

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